Market stream of consciousness

I was at the Creative Berowra craft and gourmet food market recently and noticed a new stall called Whimsy and Nonsense. Much of what this trio of women sold was upcycled: their Reluvables, for example, are toys made from discarded baby clothes. Their Storybook Canvases used illustrations from unloved books and combined them into an art collage. One that really struck me was the body of a woman dressed in an elegant fifities suit but her head was that of a stag’s. Skeletons of leaves framed the outside. I had run out of money by then but it haunts me so – I feel some kinship with that image. I am going to use my Creative Berowra contacts to hunt that storybook canvas down and hang it, trophy-like, in the room of my own.

Later that day, it occurred to me that upcycling is a great concept to apply to oneself. You can’t get rid of the parts of your psyche that you no longer have use for (your baggage from the past) so you can either be perennially trapped by it or may be you can…upcycle it: use it to make yourself better, a.k.a. turn all the crap into something better, transcend it, transform that crap and make something beautiful that everyone can respond to…

Then it occurred to me that this is always how I’ve always spoken about my writing: my dark side generates many of the ideas (especially when I was younger writing was a cathartic act). Essential it always has been (am I turning into Yoda?) but I never have (and still don’t) want to write a journal/diary (ermm…isn’t this what this is?) I really don’t want to relive the passage of my thoughts through each day which to me seems just like watching food going in my mouth and then seeing it come out the other end: mostly routine, better expelled and not something I want to peer at in great detail.

Now I am thinking of Andy Warhol’s A to B and Back Again…clearly the idea of seeing food going in his mouth and then poo coming out via a tube was of interest to him but I may have remembered the book wrongly. I read it when I was 13 all because Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran rated it. For those of you who have read this  book, tell me what you thought of it and perhaps I will read it again now I am older.

But this idea of upcycling myself – this has really got me going. I can see how it links all the things I value: experimenting as a rookie artist, enjoying seeing what others make and do, the never-ending desire to transform myself and above all to become a properly published writer who improves with every book. Therefore this blog will not, I hope, be like a journal/diary i.e. routine and better expelled, and instead be only the significant moments for me as I try upcycling myself…


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