Monthly Archives: October 2012

Now the party’s over

“I’m so tired…Avalon…Yes, the picture’s changing every moment…And your destination, you don’t know it….Avalon…Dancing, dancing…”  Lyrics by Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music’s Avalon  So did we reach Avalon – was the Lava Lounge worth the journey? If the joy of moments in life is our measure, then it was. Everyone danced the night away. We welcomed […]

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna groove

I thought I’d take you on the journey of where I’ve been the last few weeks. It has echoed my 2005 roller coaster of self publishing and most definitely involves upcycling. My friend and I decided to make our own retro dance/lounge bar in the local weatherboard hall, painted white inside with polished wooden floors, […]

Fifty Shades of Grey from the horse’s mouth

I’ve just met Amanda Hayward of TWCS publishing house, after she answered Q&A’s at Hornsby Library, NSW. TWCS is short for The Writers Coffee Shop Publishing House who first published Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. All the big publishers approached Amanda for the rights, before she and the author opted for Random House […]


I’ve just been interviewed for a blog article on self publishing and blogging. Back in 2005 I sold almost a 1,000 printed, self published books. I’ll upload that book on here (The Tale of Tully and Juno) when I work out how to do it! To see the article, which is a balanced look at […]