Now the party’s over

Lava Lamp

Lava lamp

“I’m so tired…Avalon…Yes, the picture’s changing every moment…And your destination, you don’t know it….Avalon…Dancing, dancing…”  Lyrics by Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music’s Avalon 

So did we reach Avalon – was the Lava Lounge worth the journey? If the joy of moments in life is our measure, then it was. Everyone danced the night away.

Lava loungers

We welcomed and chatted happily with the lounge goers whether we knew them or not. Our partners and friends enjoyed it as much as us. At the end we receive a huge round of applause. I did get the feeling I’ve yearned for: excitement combined with lightness and effortless motion. It was pure fun from when the party started to its end. 

But there is always a but. The hall looked busy (and attractive with our artfully placed bric-a-brac) but we did not get enough people to break even. It has cost us the same as a night out in Sydney, the only difference is that we worked hard beforehand and the goers got an equally good night for a snip at $10 a person. Would I do it again? Probably not, but I’m glad we did it. We had a wonderful time and realised our idea as we imagined.

Lava Lounge decor

(Photos courtesy of fellow organiser Leisa)

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