Weather beauty

I am in England, rather than Australia, at the moment. To help out family, I took the dog for a walk this morning in the misty cold winter. He is a good hound but walking him is a chore as he stops a lot. I have to force him along to get him to open ground and then he can explore to his heart’s content. It seems odd forcing him, as the walk is more for his benefit than mine, but if it had not been for him… I would not have seen nature at work in a way that I never saw in England previously (even though I have lived here for most of my life.) I wrote a poem about it – here it is:

I saw the glass lace

draped across black iron,

clusters of red berries and

hanging from our eaves.

The spider did not intend

its work to be encrusted so.

No prey will be caught in their sliding touch.

Instead an exhibition of craft

equalling beauty

which I did not miss.

spiderweb image



  1. Diane Milan · · Reply


  2. An amazing use of words and thoughts. Thank you.

    1. upcycleblog · · Reply

      Thanks John, I thought your poem The Medicine Wheel was great

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