Editing rose hips

I was trying to sleep last night but kept on thinking that the poem about rose hips I posted yesterday had not reached its potential – I felt there was a meaning in it that I had not fully realised. I just finished working on it again and researched a bit about rose hips finding out something about them that underlined the meaning I was trying to show. I think it is complete now…. I thought about changing the version I published on this blog under the post “What I saw today” but I thought it might be interesting to show a new version and leave the earlier draft there as a comparison. I’d be interested to know what you think – which version do you prefer?

Two rose hips shine

crimson flesh

touching each other.

Here because roses are left spent.

Fat with seed, their tips crown into green.

Branches that bear them

stark brown.

rose hip image



  1. Rosehips are very nostalgic for me as my grandmother used to serve me rosehip tea & rosehip jam. Beautiful words SM!

  2. upcycleblog · · Reply

    That’s lovely. I have never tasted either – on my list to do so now!

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