Character poem

Here’s a poem I wrote about one of the characters in my historical novel The Janus Brew. The idea was to distill the character so I could get a better connection with her as an author.


She was a reed ready to bend

in the wind that became a storm.

Milk-blonde strands

dripping with the river of life past.

She was blown to a foreign field

making do with waste land,

hoping to recover roots

and clement times.

He was a sun warming her

a new bearing on what might be

to fill the starless space

since her father fell away.



  1. Parnell · · Reply

    More characters please, I like this tease!

    1. upcycleblog · · Reply

      Okay, it’s a boy next watch this space!

  2. I agree – Lysbeth sounds like someone I definitely want to read about! What a great way of understanding a character.

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