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Pre 1666 London historical animation

Thanks to the Historical Novel Society Australasia for putting me on to this 2013 animation. I would not have come across it without you. You deserve a plug for your first conference this March 20-22 in Sydney: The link below will take you to the page with the animation from – I must […]

Why you should read Clade by James Bradley

Finished reading Clade a couple of weeks ago and still feel affected by it. I can see in my mind’s eye trying to escape from flood, hearing a sky where there are no longer birds, dead trees falling in a forest, content of fridges rotting…it’s given me a physical sense of how life will be possibly […]

Admit It… You Do This Too, Don’t You?

Originally posted on Rachel Carrera, Novelist:
Unfortunately for my friends and family, this is exactly what I do. How about you? Have an outstanding weekend, friends!