Why you should read Clade by James Bradley

why you should read Clade

Finished reading Clade a couple of weeks ago and still feel affected by it. I can see in my mind’s eye trying to escape from flood, hearing a sky where there are no longer birds, dead trees falling in a forest, content of fridges rotting…it’s given me a physical sense of how life will be possibly for me, maybe for my daughter and certainly for any children she has. James Bradley has made me think that unless you don’t have children, global warming is a reality that none of us can escape. He has prepared my mind for environmental disaster. The only way out is if renewable energy is widespread and because of governments’ decisions in the past, and ongoing, there is nothing that can be done except for each of us to try and make it no worse than it will be.

I need to say though that Clade has beauty in it, not just disaster, a melancholic, poetic beauty Keats might admire. It is hard to pin down how this is created because it is seamless. Is it the rhythm of the sentences or the imagery or both working together, or the tone? I found it to be a spiritual novel in a non-secular sense, full of feeling and thought merging into one strong current. The ending is uplifting in a spiritual if not practical sense. It’s an important novel which is easy to read.



  1. Diane Milan · · Reply

    I was really glad to have this novel highlighted. It will do more for me than reading a lot of articles. I find it difficult to appreciate the effects of climate change in an urgent way, so this will be good.

    1. Sarah Menary · · Reply

      Your comment much appreciated. S

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