The path to publication: a timeline

If you’re are trying to get published, read this and it will really show you that persistence counts!

Kelly Doust

Inspiration for one of the historical chapters in Precious Things: Anna May Wong in the 1930s Inspiration for an historical chapter in Precious Things: Anna May Wong in the 1930s

One of the topics I’m always interested to hear other authors talk about is how their novel came to be published, and all the ups and downs along the way. So I thought I’d share with you the long, painstaking and rewarding journey that led me to write Precious Things.

October 2008: Initial seed of idea pops into head. Post throwaway comment on blog: ‘One day I’ll write a novel about a cheeky little frock who gets about and lives in more cities than I ever will – won’t that be fun?’ Don’t give it much more thought, but short while later publisher friend sends email asking if I’m serious and asks to meet. Happy accident makes me commit to starting.

Early 2009 – end 2012: Get busy with other book projects and freelance writing. Put…

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