My blog is about my passions: writing, reading and learning about life.

I have written poems and stories since childhood, sometimes with long, long gaps as I attempted to make my way in the world. Since 2003 I have taken my writing seriously, knowing that I need to write to be fulfilled whatever the outcome.

My current novel is a psychological thriller, set in England in 1635. Witch bottles, such as the x-ray of the one shown below, are very pertinent to my novel. “During the 17th century, British people often blamed witches for any ill health or misfortune they suffered, says Alan Massey, a retired chemist formerly at the University of Loughborough, UK. “The idea of the witch bottle was to throw the spell back on the witch,” he says. “The urine and the bulb of the bottle represented the waterworks of the witch, and the theory was that the nails and the bent pins would aggravate the witch when she passed water and torment her so badly that she would take the spell back off you.”

I’m employed by independent, Australian publisher Allen & Unwin as Communications Manager for Faber Writing Academy – their creative writing school. Finally I’ve found a job where I don’t feel tension between what I am and what I do. Long may it last!

Your comments are appreciated. I like connecting with people who enjoy literature whether they write or not. I try to be as good a listener as a writer or speaker.

I seek a literary agent.

This image, and the information on the witch bottle mentioned above, comes from an article by Linda Geddes published by The New Scientist in 2009. For the article click here http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17245-londons-magical-history-uncorked-from-witch-bottle.html#.VQYpNUK73Vo

X-ray of a witch bottle

X-ray of a witch bottle



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