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Writing inspired by performance

Her leather shawl covers her shoulders like an animal skin, then as time passes it is folded and wrapped around her core tight. The skirt becomes a bussel, its tumbling waves and ribbons of colour like shining hair.


What I saw today

I took the family dog for his walk again in an English winter. It is such a shock to the senses coming from the Australian summer and very stimulating as a result. The air and ground was drenched with moisture – no frost today. Again the chore of walking Barney brought me unexpected delights. Two […]

Weather beauty

I am in England, rather than Australia, at the moment. To help out family, I took the dog for a walk this morning in the misty cold winter. He is a good hound but walking him is a chore as he stops a lot. I have to force him along to get him to open […]

Spiegelworld orders me

Women made-up for a man’s dream stacked themselves with forearms trembling. Men flaunted lines that we love to trace, then wheeling and throwing fast in fearful cycles. We saw the sweat trickling down his back as he ached to balance branches of palm: pendulums swaying in sweet counterpoise. He looked wistfully at his creation before […]