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Writing inspired by performance

Her leather shawl covers her shoulders like an animal skin, then as time passes it is folded and wrapped around her core tight. The skirt becomes a bussel, its tumbling waves and ribbons of colour like shining hair.


Editing rose hips

I was trying to sleep last night but kept on thinking that the poem about rose hips I posted yesterday had not reached its potential – I felt there was a meaning in it that I had not fully realised. I just finished working on it again and researched a bit about rose hips finding […]

What I saw today

I took the family dog for his walk again in an English winter. It is such a shock to the senses coming from the Australian summer and very stimulating as a result. The air and ground was drenched with moisture – no frost today. Again the chore of walking Barney brought me unexpected delights. Two […]

Weather beauty

I am in England, rather than Australia, at the moment. To help out family, I took the dog for a walk this morning in the misty cold winter. He is a good hound but walking him is a chore as he stops a lot. I have to force him along to get him to open […]

Poems we wrote for Christmas

I just discovered an old poem of mine by accident. I wrote it for a local newspaper’s Christmas poem competition. I came nowhere in the competition but it is lovely to come across it now, by accident, over the Christmas break. I found it because I was looking for a poem that my five year-old […]