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Writing inspired by performance

Her leather shawl covers her shoulders like an animal skin, then as time passes it is folded and wrapped around her core tight. The skirt becomes a bussel, its tumbling waves and ribbons of colour like shining hair.


What makes a bestseller

Jonny Geller well-known Literary Agent explains how he knows what books to pick – very useful for those of us conceiving novels. Jonny Geller Ted talk

Why you should read Clade by James Bradley

Finished reading Clade a couple of weeks ago and still feel affected by it. I can see in my mind’s eye trying to escape from flood, hearing a sky where there are no longer birds, dead trees falling in a forest, content of fridges rotting…it’s given me a physical sense of how life will be possibly […]

Editing rose hips

I was trying to sleep last night but kept on thinking that the poem about rose hips I posted yesterday had not reached its potential – I felt there was a meaning in it that I had not fully realised. I just finished working on it again and researched a bit about rose hips finding […]


I’ve just been interviewed for a blog article on self publishing and blogging. Back in 2005 I sold almost a 1,000 printed, self published books. I’ll upload that book on here (The Tale of Tully and Juno) when I work out how to do it! To see the article, which is a balanced look at […]